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Extended Validation SSL and EV Upgrader™

Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates (also called High Assurance (HA) SSL Certificates) were introduced in late 2006 the Certification Authority/Browser (CA/Browser) Forum, a group of leading certification authorities (CA) and Internet browser providers to further improve Internet security and combat fraud. The combination of EV SSL certificates and new browser versions will help Internet users easily determine that the Web sites they are visiting indeed are the ones they expect to access. Extended Validation SSL Certificates offer online businesses the opportunity to:

  • Prove their genuine identity to site visitors and increase visitor confidence.
  • Demonstrate their choice of the most-trusted best-of-breed security for all site transactions by displaying VeriSign Inc. as the issuing CA.
  • Greatly reduce the effectiveness of phishing attacks.
  • Increase the total amount of business on the site.

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VeriSign has created EV Upgrader—the first ever solution to enable all visiting Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browsers to detect Extended Validation SSL Certificates and display them appropriately. EV Upgrader is a server-side application that prompts visiting IE7 systems to update their VeriSign SSL roots. The only change the user sees is the display of green address bars and other EV browser enabled interface conventions. VeriSign signs Extended Validation certificates with both a non-EV intermediate and a new EV root to ensure full coverage for your site for visitors running Windows XP. This innovative design makes possible a single SSL Certificate that offers the same comprehensive browser ubiquity as traditional VeriSign SSL Certificates and still enables EV functionality on the broadest possible set of IE7 client systems. EV Upgrader is easy to use and is built right into the VeriSign Secured Seal, which only takes minutes to install. The VeriSign Secured Seal on existing sites gains this functionality automatically.

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